Which member of LINKIN PARK are you ?

Linkin Park Quiz

Which Linkin Park member do you resemble with. Well, take this Linkin Park Quiz and find out yourself now.

  • Question of

    Which color you like the most?

    • Yes
    • No
    • s
    • .
  • Question of

    Which pet do you like the most?

    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Parrot
    • Rat
  • Question of

    Which thing attracts you the most ?

    • Smile
    • Behavior
    • Eyebrows
    • Dimples
  • Question of

    Pick a country …

    • United States
    • England
    • France
    • United Arab Emirates
  • Question of

    Select a Gemstone

    • Malachite
    • Ruby
    • Lace agate
    • Tiger eye
  • Question of

    Which singing style are you aware of ?

    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Classical
    • Jazz
    • Hip Hop
  • Question of

    Which song of LINKIN PARk do you like the most ?

    • Reading My Eyes
    • Shadow Of The Day
    • Burning In The Skies
    • New Divide
  • Question of

    Lastly, pick your favorite hair color:

    • Black
    • Brown
    • Blonde

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Written by GeViral Main


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