Interesting facts about Gerard Way that will surprise you !!!

Gerard Way is a musician, born in 1977, New Jersey. Getting to know about your favourite person is one of the greatest feeling. Lets have a quick view on these surprising facts about Gerard Way that will amaze you.

Fact# 1

Gerard way is the second cousin of Fear Factor show host, Joe Rogan. But they have never met.

Fact# 2

Gerard way attended his first concert with his mother which was Bruce Springsteen Concert.

Fact# 3

Do you know what is Gerard’s nickname? Gerard is also known by his nickname which is Uncle Jiggy.

Fact# 4

Gerard Way wanted to become a comic book artist. Later, he left his wish of becoming a comic book artist.

Fact# 5

Gerard is Italian and Scottish from mother’s and father’s side respectively.

Fact# 6

Gerard said in an interview that, “She taught me every I know.” He said this about her maternal grandmother. She taught him how to paint, how to sing and other things which were liked by him. Thats why, her maternal grandmother has a prominent influence in his career.

Fact# 7

After the attack of 9/11, Gerard thought that he has to do something in his life. He thought to give up art and to see the world. Then he wrote a song which was “Skylines And Turnstiles”. This song is considered as the first song of My Chemical Romance. After that, MCR became a band. Now, he is the Co-Founder of My Chemical Romance band.

Fact# 8

He, in collaboration with , created a cartoon but that was rejected by Cartoon Network. The rejection was based on similarity with the existing property “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

Gerard Way is the co-founder of My Chemical Romance band, a song writer, a comic book artist and a singer. He wanted to become a comic book artist but some other destination was waiting for him and nature convinced him to reach that destination after 9/11 attack when he thought to give up his career as a cartoonist. He is now a famous singer and has a fan base of millions of people. If some surprising fact is missing, let us know in the comment section.

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Written by GeViral Main


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