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Quiz: Can You Name These Linkin Park songs?

Can You Name These Linkin Park Songs_

Test your Linkin Park song knowledge. How well do you really know the band? Have you listened to all of their songs? Well, take this test and find out yourself!

Let me take back my life I'd rather be all alone

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Push it back down black out blood in your eye

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If I could change I would take back the pain I would

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We drop right back in the cut over basement tracks

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Time I wasn't hated for There's nothing they can f*cking say

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You cannot catch me, cannot hold me You cannot stop, much less control me

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Say your prayers and stomp it out When they bring that chorus in

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Even though you're so close to me You're still so distant, and I can't bring you back

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We held our breathe when the clouds began to form But you were lost in the beating of the storm

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What do I do to ignore them behind me?

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Can You Name These Linkin Park Songs?
Looks like you do not know much about LINKIN PARK band. Listen to their songs and TRY AGAIN. We wish to see you getting better score.
It seems that you have listened some of their songs and you are somehow a FAN of LINKIN PARK band as you have named some of their songs correctly. TRY AGAIN to get more score.
WOW! You are not only a big FAN of LINKIN PARK but you also have a great memory as you have named the songs correctly. CONGRATULATIONS

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