10 interesting facts about Jinxx from Black Veil Brides

Who does not want to know about famous musician Jinxx from Black Veil Brides? Born in 1986 in Webster, he is a musician, guitarist, songwriter, composer and much more. There is much to know about this multitalented guy. Lets have a look at these facts about our favourite musician that will surprise you.

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1. Do you know what Jinxx real name is? Jinxx real name is Jeremy Miles Ferguson. Jinxx is his stage name and luckily, he is best known by his stage name.

2. Jinxx’s wife Alice Mogg is the niece of singer Phil Mogg. She is also the sister of former bassist Nigel Mogg from The Quireboys.

3. Jeremy presented his skills publicly when he was eight. He used to do live shows with his father at bars in state Lowa.

4. Jinxx has married three times. He first married Nicole in 2007 but got divorced next year i.e 2008. He married Sammi Doll in 2012 and again got divorced next year i.e 2013. He is now married with Alice Mogg. Their marriage happened in 2018.

5. He was a member of Amen, The Dreaming, The Drastics. Currently, he is a member of Black Veil Brides and he joined BVB in 2009.

6. Do you know what was the first song, Jinxx learned? Well, the first song he learned was the national anthem of United States.

7. Jeremy was bullied in his school for playing violin. At that time, it was considered that violin is an instrument for girls. Thats why, he was bullied by other for playing this instrument. That’s hurting but he went through this phase. He did not let his passion for music disappear.

8. He also appeared in movies like his best movies include Escape Room and Legion of the black.

9. Jeremy is 5 foot 11 inches tall guy.

10. His achievements and awards include Revolver Golden Gods Award 2012 for Best Guitarist, 2012 Kerrang! Award for Best Single, 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Award for Song of the year and much more.

Jeremy aka Jinxx is a handsome guy, multitalented and a multi instrumentalist. He has power of millions of fans. What surprised you the most, please let us know in comment section or through mail. We would love to hear from you. Also, if you want to add some amazing and interesting fact about this Guitarist, then share it in comment section.

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