10 Interesting Facts about Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie needs no introduction. We all know about our very famous and favorite musician from Panic! At The Disco band. The man who is all in one is a musician, he is a songwriter and does not need anyone to sing his songs as he is a singer too. The band started in 2004 and Brendon Urie is a member of the band since 2004. Let’s surprise you with 10 amazing and interesting facts about Brendon that will make you say OMG!

Brendon Urie

⦁ Urie used to sing for customers in a cafe named Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Singing SCORPIONS and W.A.S.P songs used to give him good tip.
⦁ In the band Panic! At The Disco band, Brendon is the only one who is the original band member and is in the band currently. All others left the band.
⦁ Brendon takes care of human rights and socially neglected communities and people. That’s why in June 2018, Brendon started a foundation with the name of HIGHEST HOPES FOUNDATION. This foundation works with and supports other NGOs who work for the rights of humans, who work for those people who were socially neglected.
⦁ Brendon Urie gave $1 million as starting funds. Also, Urie donated $1 from every ticket for the PRAY FOR THE WICKED tour and that was or the foundation.
⦁ The multi-talented guy Brendon said in an interview in 2016 that he has Synesthesia.
⦁ Brendon is pansexual as he said in 2018: “I guess if I had to classify me, I’d say I’m straight.” Pansexual people are those people who are gender-blind which means that they can be attracted to males or females regardless of their gender.
⦁ The more a person becomes famous, the more he/she can be indulged in immoral activities or rumors. The same goes for Brendon Urie. This year, twitter users said about their mishappening with Brendon. One said that the incident took place in Coke Zero Music Fest in 2009 in South Africa while the other one said that the incident happened at Panic! At the Disco concert in Cleveland Ohio in 2011. Twitter users were @Leah62053062 and @Kam02709814. By the way, both the accounts have been deleted and one account came from which a tweet was tweeted in which he/s that they were the original persons behind all that controversy regarding Brendon Urie.
⦁ Brendon has won the BEST VOCALIST award in 2014 by Alternative Press Music Awards.
⦁ 9. Do you know who influences Brendon the most? Well, we have the answer and that is Frank Sinatra, Queen, David Bowie, Tom DeLonge are those who influenced Urie the most.
⦁ Urie once said that he has been diagnosed with ADHD.
We pray for his good health and may God give him good health.
Let us know if these information surprised you or not. Also if we have missed any detail, then you send share with us through email and and I the comment section below.

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